An Investigation of Modern Physics by Brian Williams
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  • What happened to the Antimatter Particles?

    Posted on May 16th, 2013 Brian No comments

    The short answer is “Nothing”. Antimatter is a figment of the imaginations of physicists.

    Therefore there are not nor has there ever been such things as “Antimatter Particles”.

    The Hypothesis of antimatter derived from the misunderstanding (by physicists) of the mechanics of cloud chamber experiments.

    As explained in my post “How physicists¬† ‘Find’ their particles”,¬† the physicists are not actually seeing particles, they are seeing the tracks left by the passage of particles (or atoms or molecules).

    If a particle (or atom or molecule) is not moving, there are no tracks. Unfortunately. when a track stops for some reason the physicists argue that this means that the particle (or atom or molecule) has been annihilated.

    When you consider that tracks are being left in a substance composed of thousands of billions of atoms and molecules it is not surprising that particles get stopped. However, many of these “disappearances” are claimed to be annihilations caused by impact with “antimatter particles”.

    Author; Brian Williams