An Investigation of Modern Physics by Brian Williams
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    Modern physics, i.e. the hypothetical physics of the last 100 years, is mostly composed of hypotheses that do not stand up to the light of scientific logic. Many of these hypotheses are no better than the old hypothesis that as the moon looked like cheese it must be made of cheese! This was a real hypothesis presented by the scientific community.

    This series of books looks at the current hypotheses and presents alternatives that are scientifically logical, and more crucially, actually follow the scientific evidence.

    This web site presents a few of the better known simple phenomena, and shows the mistakes made by the physics establishment, due to poor logic and ignoring the actual evidence available.

    About the Author

    Brian Williams is an engineer with 51 years experience in engineering, covering special purpose machinery, chemical plant, nuclear physics, automation, structures, water & sewage treatment, oil & gas.

    Mainly interested in design, but having considerable experience in manufacturing control, commissioning, technical writing and illustration, technical & financial audit.

    Origin of the Theories

    I first became interested in physics at the age of 8 years due to sitting in on long discussions between physicists from Manchester University and my grandfather (He made optical and electronic equipment for them). He was an engineer in electronics and mechanics, carpenter, watch & clock repairer, astronomer and mathematician.

    Although I found much of it confusing it became obvious that there was a lot of confusion amongst the physicists, and my grandfather was adamant that relativity was based on bad mathematics and a lack of understanding of mechanics.

    I was 11 before I began to realize that the theories relating to colour were also seriously flawed. Since then I have slowly built up an interesting dossier on modern physics.

    After having heart surgery a few years ago I decided it was time to write a book setting out the myths and fallacies behind modern physics and hopefully to point the way forward.