An Investigation of Modern Physics by Brian Williams
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  • Intellectual Rights

    Posted on September 21st, 2010 Brian No comments

    The author claims full intellectual rights for the technical contents of this web site, with the exception of those parts that are clearly marked as originated by others or are generally in the public domain.

    Graphics are copyright, having been created by the author, but are usable by readers unless to be republished. In that case the author must be contacted before use.

    All articles under general interest (Unless advised otherwise) are copyright of the author.


    Note that the photograph used in the post ” Dense Media” is of unknown (to me) origin, and any republication of this could cause legal problems.  I have cropped the photograph quite severely to enable the originator to prove ownership rights.)

    The two photographs in “How physicists ‘Find’ their particles” are public domain, but are also used for ‘critical analysis’.

    Note; Critical Analysis allows the use of extracts of published works to demonstrate faults in logic or statements made by the original author.

    The photograph in “Brownian Motion” is copyright of the author.

    NOTE; Attempts by others to claim authorship for articles on this web site would only be treated in contempt and derision by most of the World countries.

    Author – Brian Williams.