An Investigation of Modern Physics by Brian Williams
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  • Section 1 – Light and Relativity

    Section 1 mainly concentrates on the Michelson-Morley Experiment  (The foundation of Einstein’s Relativity). There are 29 pages and 29 illustrations covering this topic and is probably the only exhaustive  study done on the foundations of Einstein’s Relativity. Note: To an engineer it was obvious that Einstein had made fundamental errors in both logic and mathematics. The 29 pages + 29 graphics are really a ‘idiots’ guide to the basic mechanics and mathematics in relation to the Michelson-Morley experiment and should be fully understandable to 1st year engineering students. This book demonstrates that physics is confusing because it is confused.

    There are 10 pages and 7 graphics relating to The Wave ‘Hypothesis of Light which show that the hypothesis goes against the actual available evidence.

    Chapter 9 demonstrates the impossibility of time dilation and shows the complete lack of logic in the physicists arguments due to an abysmal use of mathematics and a complete lack of understanding of mechanics.

    This book requires an understanding of mechanics and a basic knowledge of algebra and simple trigonometry (sine, cosine and tangents.) Note: The mathematics are confined to the appendices.

    The book contains 48 illustrations, is A4 size to give good size graphics, is printed on gloss paper, and has a laminated soft back.

    ISBN 0-9547311-0-7
    Section 1 - Light and Relativity

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