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    Posted on October 4th, 2010 Brian No comments

    I have been receiving a few comments relating to difficulties with viewing the postings on this web site. So far, all have related to Apple computers.

    I have two Apple computers, one an old server (8600/200) running OS 7.5,  OS  8.6 and OS 9.1. (A real dream machine, running 6 hard drives and very reliable. £30 off ebay 6 years ago). The second one is an eMac running OS 10.4.

    I have had no difficulties in viewing the web site with either of these systems.

    There is a problem with the the graphics on The Origin of Colour post, in that it overlaps the page border on some computers. I do not know why this happens.

    Possibly the problem with the Apple computers is the new OS 10 operating system , which is a complete change from all the previous systems.

    If asking for help or information please state your operating system details,  hopefully someone can supply you with the answer. Although I can assemble a computer from bits, the constant operating system changes, (where one lot of bugs are exchanged for some new ones), I find most frustrating.

    Post comments with reference to Help Page.


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    1. On my new “Master Page – Index” I have serious problems with formatting as you can see, that I have been unable to solve.
      A further problem has now arisen.On deleting the word “Preliminary” from the title, both ‘visual’ and ‘html’ edit boxes only show html. This makes it impossible to do any further formatting. It seems odd that modifying the title should effect this. I have had this problem before but never realised what had triggered it. On “Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth – 2” I am still having the same problem (edit boxes will only show html). I now realise that this happened after I added the “- 2” to the title.
      Anyone have ideas on the problem?

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