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  • Running my web-site – General Notes

    Posted on June 20th, 2011 Brian No comments

    I get a  lot of general comments and questions relating to this web site.

    1.The basic Web operating system is WordPress. 2.9.2. Note I have been trying to upgrade to the latest version for over 18 months, without success

    2.The basic theme is a Gear 1.2.1. modified (By my son) to my requirements.

    3.My first web site I did myself, but I cannot remember what system I used.  I was very simple, free, and had reasonable instructions.

    Generally I find WordPress rather difficult to use, mainly due to a lack of any clear instructions. I may produce a post setting out the basic operations.

    Note; 20th June 2014. I have now managed to upgrade WordPress and am just getting used to the improvements.

    Formatting of text and graphics can sometimes be a nightmare.

    I have been trying to get comments to display as latest comment first.

    I cannot find an explanation of why the editing page sometimes defaults to html mode, making updates extremely difficult to do, especially formatting.

    I would like to delete some statistic categories which I am not interested in and return the ‘Spy’  category which was very useful but disappeared one day about 18 months ago along with 18 months of data.

    Note, it is no use  asking me why your computer does not show the posts correctly, or will not print properly. I am not an expert on computer operating systems.  My posts show correctly on hundreds of computer systems and on most browsers. Even if you  gave me all your computer and operating system information, I would still not be able to help.The web site was checked using my my three computers, an Apple Power Mac 8600/200 running Apple OS 7.5, OS 8, OS 8.6 and OS 9.1, Plus a PC running Windows 2000 and a PC running Linux Ubuntu.

    These are problems with your system. It is no use trying to view this web site on a mobile phone, it is designed to be viewed on a proper computer screen.

    I use the Windows PC for running Autocad plus WordPerfect. I use the Apple for producing colour graphics from drawings produced on Autocad plus any publishing requirements. The Linux computer is mainly used as a back-up plus running off copies of Sudoku puzzles (its saved me more than the computer cost, I usually print them 8 to a page). Its a free operating system, fairly comprehensive and has some interesting features.

    I DO NOT DO ADVERTISING. Allowing advertising on my website would destroy its integrity and effectiveness. (It would also drastically reduce its loading speed.)

    Copying my posts.

    No one is authorised to copy my posts. I will not authorise them  because unless I could validate the integrity of the copyist I would have no means of  controlling their usage in promoting scam sites, pornography etcetera.

    Partial copying is legally allowed for use in critical reviews, but must include my site information and a written review by the copyist.


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