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    Posted on November 7th, 2011 Brian No comments

    Division of Labour!

    This morning I had to delete 14 fake comments for a particular brand of running shoes.

    Checking on the web showed that apparently over 62,000,000 people were selling these.

    I wonder how many people were actually making them?



    Cross Legs

    For over 30 years I’ve wondered why people crossed their legs. Yesterday I checked on Google to see if it had bothered other people. I was amazed to find over 330,000,000 entries. There was no point in checking all these but I checked the first 5 pages and then a random page sample. What surprised me was the number of arguments¬† (about 50%) relating to modesty.

    The point about leg crossing is that most mammals do this, from cats, dogs, lions tigers etcetera, and I doubt if any of these are particularly  interested in modesty. A woman may deliberately cross her legs for this reason, but unconscious leg crossing cannot be caused by this. The second most popular reason given is comfort,  but again I am unhappy about this, because it is not particularly comfortable. So, anybody got a better idea?

    Anyone like to add their own Points to Ponder?

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